Sold - Rodania Datofonic Automatic Alarm Day Date A. Schild (a.s.) 5008, 1970’s New Old Stock - ClockSavant
Sold - Rodania Datofonic Automatic Alarm Day Date A. Schild (a.s.) 5008, 1970’s New Old Stock - ClockSavant
Sold - Rodania Datofonic Automatic Alarm Day Date A. Schild (a.s.) 5008, 1970’s New Old Stock - ClockSavant
Sold - Rodania Datofonic Automatic Alarm Day Date A. Schild (a.s.) 5008, 1970’s New Old Stock - ClockSavant
Sold - Rodania Datofonic Automatic Alarm Day Date A. Schild (a.s.) 5008, 1970’s New Old Stock - ClockSavant
Sold - Rodania Datofonic Automatic Alarm Day Date A. Schild (a.s.) 5008, 1970’s New Old Stock - ClockSavant

Sold - Rodania Datofonic Automatic Alarm Day Date A. Schild (a.s.) 5008, 1970’s New Old Stock

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This was was one of those once-in-a-lifetime finds for us and it can be for you also. One of the best and most appreciated vintage alarm watch movements was the A. Schild (a.s.) 5008 with Day and Date. It is so respected that, to this day, manufacturers continue to covet new old stock versions they have in their vaults and issue new watches with them, many extremely expensive. This vintage watch came to us from a jewelry store that closed-down and, like a collectors dream, had this watch in their back room, untouched for 40+ years (new old stock.)  The Rodania A. Schild 5008 alarm watches were some of the best examples of the time. We have consistently been impressed with the quality or Rodania watches. They nearly always included a better case, dial, and design execution then we saw for other similar brands of the era.  The watch still has its original plastic on the back of the case.  You can remove it of course, we kept it there as a reminder of its rarity.  We paired this watch with a very expensive Swuss IWC alligator strap that has been worn only a few times. As we recall, the strap alone cost us over $250. We added a deployant. We will also include the original bracelet that the watch was sold with, see pictures for how the watch looks on the bracelet. We prefer the alligator strap on the watch, it allows the watch to pop and be worn in a variety of settings.  The watch is in outstanding like new condition.




Automatic Alarm, Date


A. Schild 5008

Case Material

Stainless Steel


37mm wide, 43mm lug-to-lug.


See description-  Important Note: For international sales, it is not possible to legally export alligator or crocodile straps from the US or import them into most countries without considerable CITES paperwork and permits. Without proper paperwork, watches can be seized by customs. If you are an international buyer, we will discuss your requirements and alternatives including separate shipment, substituting a high quality matching leather strap or providing a discount so you can purchase a new strap in-country.


We estimate the watch was manufactured in the early 1970’s

Service History

We obtained this vintage watch as new old stock. We have not serviced the watch. We have performed comprehensive testing and performance measurement.


See Summary 

Quality Control Comprehensive ClockSavant Testing. Performance measurement results for this watch are provided below. 


14-day return period provided that watch is returned in condition received.


2 month warranty-- customer misuse, neglect, accidental, intentional, or unintentional damage are excluded from the warranty. See the Support page of our website for detailed warranty terms and conditions. For non-warranty damage, please contact us to obtain an estimate for servicing, repair, and restoration services.

Care and Use All mechanical watches, and especially vintage watches, require special consideration in handling, care, and use. In order to obtain warranty support or to return an item, it is necessary that the customer did not cause damage to the watch. See the Support page to learn more about how to protect and care for your investment.

Sales Tax

North Carolina residents will pay sales tax


Unique Guidance on the Operation of this Watch

The A. Schild 5008 has two crowns, one at 2pm and another at 4pm.

The crown at 4pm, when fully depressed, can be wound forward to manually wind the alarm mechanism.

To set the alarm, pull-out the crown at 4pm and wind the crown backwards to move the alarm hand to the desired time. Keep the crown pulled-out to arm the alarm. To silence the alarm, depress the 4pm crown back towards the case.

The 2pm crown is used to set the time, day, and date and to manually wind the timekeeping mechanism.

The 2pm crown has 3 positions: Fully Depressed (Position 1), Pulled-out to first click (Position 2), and Pulled-out the second click (Position 3)

To manually wind the timekeeping section of the watch, fully depress the 2pm crown (Position 1) and wind forwards.

To set the time, move the 2pm crown to position 3 and move the hands forward to the desired time.

To set the day or date, move the hands past midnight until the day and date increment. Then advance the hands to 6am. Move the 2pm crown to Position 2. Rotate the crown forwards to advance the date. Rotate the crown backwards to advance the Day, noting that the alarm movement may be equipped with both a Spanish and English day subdial. If you desire English, leave the day on the English representation of the day you wish and then fully depress the crown.

ClockSavant Watchmaker Testing, Certification, and Performance Measurement

All the watches we sell go through a comprehensive series of ClockSavant-developed functional, stability, and performance tests and are only approved for sale if they meet or exceed the criteria we have established. Performance measurements for this watch are provided below. See the Support page of our website for an explanation of watch performance measurements and guidance on interpretation. The watch performance values provided do not necessarily reflect the accuracy you will experience based on your unique watch wearing habits. You may experience a gain or loss by as much as approximately 1 minute per day with vintage watches.

Legend: Rate, Amplitude (Amp), and Beat Error (BE) are provided for Dial-Up (CH) and Dial-Down (FH) positions. Averages (Avg) are also provided. These represent the average performance of the watch across all 6 traditionally measured watch positions which, in addition to dial-up and dial-down, are the vertical positions of Crown-Up, Crown-Down, Crown-Left, and Crown-Right. Rate is expressed in seconds gained or lost during a 24 hour period. Amplitude is in degrees. Beat Error is in milliseconds.  Lift Angle used in measurement is unique to the particular watch calibre. 

Calibre AS 5008
Lift Angle 52
CH Rate -5
Amp 253
BE 0
FH Rate -4.2
Amp 240
BE 0.1
Avg Rate -0.15
Avg Amp 225.67
Avg BE 0.15

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