When nobody is looking and you can't see-- the importance of authenticity, quality, and trust

The character, responsibility and commitment one brings to their work and customers is shown in the quality of work performed when nobody is looking and where the customer can’t see. Since the beginning of time, literally and figuratively, it has been proven you can make more money by appealing to what people see with their eyes and cutting corners on what they cannot. All the while, making it cheaper. The very essence of mechanical timekeeping is about what’s inside— the quality and trust in correct operation, accuracy, and reliability of this micro-mechanical marvel is what drew us to it. In many ways, quality mechanical timekeeping is about an appreciation of human and mechanical authenticity. It is for these reasons that hidden damage such as that shown in this microscope picture is so disappointing. Here we see watchmaker damage to a readily available part (a Valjoux 7750 chronograph seconds wheel) that should have been replaced during previous servicing. As you would expect, other issues also exist in this watch. It was worked-on in the past several times more than should have been required due to one shortcut after another.

Quality, trust, and authenticity in watch servicing - Valjoux 7750