Watch Escapement Meters - Fine-tuning the escapement and pallet

Watch escapement meters are used to adjust, in a methodical and measured fashion, watch pallet stone depth while the shellac holding the stones is heated.
This adjustment is crucial to optimal escapement operation. This tool is used over a specialized hot plate where, nose to the table, the watchmaker risks serious burns to his nose and hands to assure your watch is as good as it can be ;-) Not every watchmaker owns this tool but they should. The second picture shows both old and new versions of the tool.

ClockSavant watch servicing, repair and restoration - Bergeon Escapement Meter - Adjusting pallet stone depth

Adjusting the escapement and pallet stones in a vintage watch or modern watch

ClockSavant servicing, repair, and restoration - Escapement adjustment, escapement meter, pallet meter