Trio of Landeron 47's Fully Serviced by ClockSavant

Coming very soon to the ClockSavant website are these three beautifully aged Landeron 47 pusher flyback chronographs from 1937. Subscribe to our newsletter on the ClockSavant home page or follow us on Instagram to be notified when these watches are available. From our ClockSavant Survivor line, Fully Serviced by ClockSavant, these watches were restored for their horological significance and beauty and not profitability. Each one exudes the natural beauty that only age and perseverance can convey. It is back-breaking work for us at our watchmaker benches to restore these watches to our high quality standards. It’s not enough for our watches to look great— they need to function and run great also. It is very rare to obtain a correct Landeron 47 that is correctly functioning because past watchmakers replaced correct parts with later incorrect ones and because these watches typically saw lots of use. Much of our time in restoration is spent addressing these factors. The Landeron 47, manufactured for only one year, is highly unique and extremely useful, because it includes what’s known as a Flyback complication. The flyback is activated by the center (monopusher) button on the crown. You can picture this being very useful to a pilot who glances down at his watch while its running, seems what he needs, then wishes, in one-step, to return the chronograph timer to zero and stop it.

Trio of Landeron 47 flyback chronographs fully serviced by ClockSavant