Tissot Omega 33.3 Lemania 15TL Coming Soon

The Omega 33.3 Lemania 15TL calibre is one of the most quintessential vintage chronograph movements ever made. It is on my bench today to be fully serviced. This calibre will push through all kinds of adversity (grease, wear) and continue to perform. This explains its heavy use by government and military from its advent in the 1930’s to the 1970’s (different calibre names as time progressed but same basic design.) It will be cleaned, worn parts replaced or repaired, new mainspring, and optimized. Despite the excessive grease used by the past watchmaker, it’s well preserved.  When completed soon this watch will be available for purchase on the ClockSavant website.


Omega 33.3 Lemania 15TL being serviced by ClockSavant