Shredding your watch to pieces - proper servicing of an ETA 2824-2

Here we have an ETA 2824-2 automatic movement from a watch I am servicing for a ClockSavant customer, an Oris Big Pointer. The watch was made in 2004. Looking at the pictures, we begin with a microscope view of the barrel bridge’s metal shredded and broken where the crown wheel engages the bridge. The crown wheel is engaged when manually winding the watch and was literally shredded to pieces from lack of lubrication. Next we see bits and pieces of metal on the pallet and escape wheel. The following picture shows the barrel bridge damage, dirt, and metal shavings with less magnification. Finally we see that additional winding parts were damaged as well. This watch had two service markings. So it was serviced at least twice in the past 14 years. I was told the watch was a daily wearer at some point. This type of barrel bridge wear on an ETA 2824 is not isolated to this watch; however, I do not see it frequently. Obviously if you never service your watch, wear it daily, and like to wind it manually every day, you might encounter such damage at some point. However, in this case it is highly probable that when last serviced this watch was dunked in cleaning solution while fully assembled or only partially disassembled, and not properly cleaned or lubricated. If you don’t completely disassemble and properly lubricate these watches, you are asking for trouble. When you shop for cheap servicing, you will get less than you pay for.

Servicing an ETA 2824-2 - barrel bridge damage and improper lubrication