Quality watch servicing and transparency - Universal Geneve Calibre 287 Chronograph

This image shows a stunning Universal Geneve Compax Triple Register Chronograph Reference 22493 caliber 287 from 1943 fully disassembled, prior to cleaning. Super-imposed on the image is a flowchart providing a high-level summary of the customer watch servicing process I established for ClockSavant along with front and back pictures of the movement. As I’ve discussed many times in previous posts, the term “servicing” means nothing without a definition and transparency Take one look at this beautiful but complex watch movement and think about all the sloppy shortcuts someone can take, and damage that can be done, before returning your watch to you for “servicing.” So the process— what your watchmaker does and how they convey that information to you— is critical to your understanding of what you are getting either for a watch you own or one you purchase. When folks shop for watchmakers strictly on price, they are asking for trouble. This work, done well, combines science, engineering, art, history, dexterity, investment, and persistence— this is not a “rate quote” to change the oil in your car. 

Universal Geneve 287 Chronograph Servicing - Quality Watch Servicing and Transparency