Cheap, quick, and dirty complicated vintage chronograph servicing!

Here we have yet another fouled hairspring, they surface on the majority of vintage chronographs I service. This watchmaker was cheap, he “serviced” your complicated vintage chronograph for the cheapest price! What a deal. And he left you this... someone speeding through a complicated chronograph to meet a low dollar price inevitably leaves a trail of destruction that you may not see. It takes time, patience, money, skill, and very expensive tools and equipment to do this work properly. This is serious damage requiring significant time and skill to correct. Figure 1 shows the damaged hairspring. Figure 2 shows the manipulated (repaired) hairspring brought back to its correct shape after a good deal of work. 

Quick and dirty vintage servicing and its trail of destruction

Figure 1: Before correction 


Corrected repaired manipulated hairspring

Figure 2: After Correction