Advanced lubrication techniques in watch servicing

This image demonstrates the use of two advanced lubrication-related procedures I perform when servicing certain modern movements. Lubeta is used to lubricate the reversing wheels in automatic watches such as in ETA calibre’s. Similarly, Epilame is used to help keep oil where it belongs between the escape wheel and pallet. For ideal application, just the pallet stones are exposed to Epilame, not the entire pallet. The entire escape wheel is dipped in Epilame.  Both of these solutions require drying after application. Not everyone uses these techniques and while one can debate them, the manufacturer calls for their use and a watchmaker that does it for you pays for it and takes the time to do it— or they do not, and you’ll never know save perhaps for reduced performance and time-between-servicing. These techniques cost time and money and are representative of what can drive a dedicated and committed watchmaker’s infrastructure to cost almost as much as it costs to build a house. Folks that worry about the smallest dollars when considering a watchmaker’s cost may not have any idea what it takes to do it well, and may be welcoming cheap low-budget work wherever they are not looking. 

Advanced watch lubrication - watch servicing