Sold - Hamilton Pilot's Pocket Watch Conversion Calibre 921 Made in USA - ClockSavant
Sold - Hamilton Pilot's Pocket Watch Conversion Calibre 921 Made in USA - ClockSavant
Sold - Hamilton Pilot's Pocket Watch Conversion Calibre 921 Made in USA - ClockSavant
Sold - Hamilton Pilot's Pocket Watch Conversion Calibre 921 Made in USA - ClockSavant
Sold - Hamilton Pilot's Pocket Watch Conversion Calibre 921 Made in USA - ClockSavant

Sold - Hamilton Pilot's Pocket Watch Conversion Calibre 921 Made in USA

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This watch doesn’t need a lot of words, its raw beauty and performance speaks for itself.  ClockSavant provided design input into this watch in collaboration with a very talented and dedicated outside watchmaker who performed all of the work in sourcing, servicing, and manufacturing the watch. This is a true one-of-a-kind design. The vintage  movement is a made-in-the-USA Hamilton Calibre 921 vintage pocket watch manufactured in 1947.  This was one of Hamilton’s finest movements . The movement was removed from a pocket watch, completely disassembled and serviced by the outside watchmaker working with ClockSavant, and then custom fit and assembled into the new modern case. ClockSavant then designed the leather watch band (size is long) and contracted with an highly skilled craftsman to manufacture it. Finally we fitted a high quality RHD deployant which was finished to match the case of the watch. If anyone ever asks you about the quality of made in the USA watches, you can show them the Hamilton 921 movement through the exhibition case back and their eyes will likely glaze over with admiration. We made great watches in the USA and it’s a shame we don’t make them any more. There are fledgling watchmakers working to recreate our history, and at ClockSavant we work to do our part by keeping horology and watchmaking alive in the USA. This is a large 42mm watch, if you like larger watches you will it very much.  It has a pilot aviator inspired design with a unique satin sandblasted finish.


Hamilton Movement, Custom Design offered by ClockSavant


Manual Wind


Hamilton calibre 921

Case Material

Stainless Steel


42mm excluding crown


See Summary for details on strap and deployant buckle.


The movement was manufactured in approximately 1947 based on a serial number factory archive search. The watch conversion was performed in 2012

Service History

The service work was performed by an outside watchmaker under contract with ClockSavant in approximately 2012. The watchmaker disassembled, old and worn parts replaced or repaired, adjusted, optimized, cleaned, and lubricated. ClockSavant has performed comprehensive testing and performance measurement. The watch is running extremely well. 


Watch is in like-new condition.

Quality Control Comprehensive ClockSavant Testing. Performance measurement results for this watch are provided below. 


14-day return period provided that watch is returned in condition received.


2 month warranty-- customer misuse, neglect, accidental, intentional, or unintentional damage are excluded from the warranty. See the Support page of our website for detailed warranty terms and conditions. For non-warranty damage, please contact us to obtain an estimate for servicing, repair, and restoration services.

Care and Use All mechanical watches, and especially vintage watches, require special consideration in handling, care, and use. In order to obtain warranty support or to return an item, it is necessary that the customer did not cause damage to the watch. See the Support page to learn more about how to protect and care for your investment.

Sales Tax

Virginia residents will pay sales tax


ClockSavant Watchmaker Testing, Certification, and Performance Measurement

All the watches we sell go through a comprehensive series of ClockSavant-developed functional, stability, and performance tests and are only approved for sale if they meet or exceed the criteria we have established. Performance measurements for this watch are provided below. See the Support page of our website for an explanation of watch performance measurements and guidance on interpretation. The watch performance values provided do not necessarily reflect the accuracy you will experience based on your unique watch wearing habits. You may experience a gain or loss by as much as approximately 1 minute per day with vintage watches.

Legend: Rate, Amplitude (Amp), and Beat Error (BE) are provided for Dial-Up (CH) and Dial-Down (FH) positions. Averages (Avg) are also provided. These represent the average performance of the watch across all 6 traditionally measured watch positions which, in addition to dial-up and dial-down, are the vertical positions of Crown-Up, Crown-Down, Crown-Left, and Crown-Right. Rate is expressed in seconds gained or lost during a 24 hour period. Amplitude is in degrees. Beat Error is in milliseconds.  Lift Angle used in measurement is unique to the particular watch calibre. 


Calibre Hamilton 921
Lift Angle 52
CH Rate 3
Amp 281
BE 0.3
FH Rate 9
Amp 283
BE 0.2
Avg Rate 3.83
Avg Amp 272.83
Avg BE 0.27

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